Monday, May 3, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

I know the feeling..."Scenes from the Post-Print Apocalypse." [NYT]

The "Hell, No" show pokes the New Museum: "a gleaming confection with the retail allure of a shiny stack of hat boxes." [NYS]

"The Bowery becomes a nexus of shattered dreams" in Dirty Old Town, starring Billy Leroy.

Bill Cunningham
says goodbye to decades of the wonderful, bohemian life above Carnegie Hall. [via Stupefaction]

Turning an Eames chair into a seat of vanishing NYC storefronts. [JKMP]

Staring into the Q-train yellow face of the Second Avenue Subway cutter. [IL]

"Dear Tweety Tweets," move over! [EVG]


Alex in NYC said...

I'm concerned what this NYU Bookstore will mean for Shakespeare & Co. just down the road

JakeGould said...

For the record, let’s not forget Unique Clothing Warehouse that used to fill that whole space the WIZ eventually took over. For you young folks, imagine Beacon’s Closet in the 1980s but waaay bigger.

I'd worry about Shakespeare & Co. surviving simply because that whole strip of Broadway is just dorm-rat city. Not erudite Village students of the past.

Melanie said...

I loved Unique Clothing Warehouse!!!Nice my Annie Hall clothes there-

Joe said...

Everyone, but everyone wore those Picasso sailor tops of theirs back then.