Friday, April 3, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

New Yankee Stadium a "Monument to Greed," says Joel Sherman at the Post. It's beautiful "in the way that a woman who went to the world's best plastic surgeon might be beautiful. It is supposed to remind you of the previous incarnation, and ends up feeling artificial and overdone." [NYP]

Topshop's neighbors say it with anti-consumer-madness signage. [Racked]

Kinky Jews to hold Kinky Seder in Brooklyn. [RS]

EV besieged by annoying church chimes. [EVG]

This video of talking New York street "furniture," like pay phones and newspaper dispensers, is adorable, indeed. [via Gothamist]

Car-vator building now comes with canoes? ...for getting in and out of your condo during global warming:

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