Friday, October 18, 2019

Paris Reprieve?

Deadline reports that the Paris Theater, shuttered by a non-renewal of its lease, will re-open -- at least temporarily.

It will "become a home for the Noah Baumbach-directed Netflix film Marriage Story when the picture plays theatrical engagements in a handful of theaters in Los Angeles and New York on November 6." So you have a chance to enjoy the last "prestige" single-screen theater in Manhattan one more time.

But will Netflix keep the Paris going after that? Netflix, according to Deadline, will not comment on that question, but signs point to a possibility.

The Paris, along with its sister cinema the Beekman 1, 2, 3, shuttered in August after announcing non-renewals of their leases. Both buildings share the landlord Sheldon Solow.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Thrift & New


The little, one-story antiques shop known mostly as Thrift and New, located on 9th Avenue and 43rd Street in Hell's Kitchen, has vanished.

thanks to Shade Rupe for the photo and the tip

It was one of those wonderful holdouts, a throwback, a leftover from the old New York, and every time I found it still open, it seemed like a miracle. Places like this just aren't allowed to exist here anymore.

I must have photographed it a hundred times, knowing each time might be my last.

It was a warm and lively place. There were always customers inside, sifting through the stuff, browsing, reading.

They sold jewelry, guitars, books, old photographs.

They had a room full of ceramics, mostly pink.

The sign says they'd been open since 1952. I don't know why they closed.