Wednesday, April 1, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Enjoy the visual and cultural frisson of Amish and Hasidic mingling in Crown Heights. [Gothamist]

While in NYC we have the Unemployment Olympics, where the unemployed playfully toss fax machines, in London bankers go to work in casual clothes to avoid being hit by fax machines hurled by 4,000 very angry protesters. [yahoo]

On the LES, local, multi-generation butcher Jeffrey Ruhalter (of Essex Market) is giving away free steak dinners to the unemployed. [CR]

Get the inside scoop on the East Village's hottest new bar: Whiskey Dick's. [EVG]

Tell me this Bennigan's in the EV is another April Fool's joke. [HG]

The Chelsea Enclave ("Fortress of Solitude and Condos") is getting bricked and windowed:

Listen to an interview with New York street photographer Helen Levitt, who passed away this week at 95. [NPR]

Rail fans and tunnel rats, take a trip through the LIRR's mysterious Bay Ridge Branch. [FNY]

Apparently, Union Square is for sale. [WSP]

Don't forget to buy your Easter peeps at Economy Candy. [WL]


Anonymous said...

Amanda Burden and the Other Ladies Who Lunch must have a decent place to eat if they're to pursue their "destination shopping" at Union Square. The Elf Mayor is leaving his mark on NYC. And just think: he's Mayor For Life!

The New York Experience said...

I have heard rumors for quite some time now that Danny Meyer has had his eye on the Union Square space...Shake Shack IV?