Monday, April 6, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Good news! Nusraty Afghan Imports, ousted from Bleecker to make room for Brooks Brothers, has found a new location and will be reopening April 19. Click here for info.

A resident of Fort Greene looks around at all the baby strollers and hipsters and realizes, "I’ve been gentrified." [NYT]

On Avenue A: "She just liked groping men's private parts." [NMNL]

A little bit of Chelsea invades Carroll Gardens and the neighbors are "going to watch closely." [NYT]

Where we once had books, we now have...butts. As the Astor Place Barnes & Noble Bartonizes:

The R&S Strauss on 14th and C has finally closed, as reported a year ago. Grieve wonders what will come next to this corner. [EVG]

Life in Murray Hill, just like you imagined, complete with "Douchebag Cam." Enjoy this contemporary classic by DJ Lubell. [youtube]

What caused the crash? Greed or stupidity? [NYT]

It's spring--have some pickles! [Boogie]

A bird's-eye view of vanishing Manny's Music. [NYDP]

Keeping track of a local cobbler in Park Slope. [HIPS]


hntrnyc said...

That Barnes & Noble to David Barton conversion speaks volumes of the deeper changes going on in mentality of this city.
Gives new meaning to the notion of "brain-drain"......

RonF. said...

While it's not inaccurate to refer to Nelson George as "Fort Greene resident," he probably deserves a little more recognition than that. He has written 15 non-fiction books and was an editor at Billboard magazine for a long time. He's a fairly prominent individual.

Good article, I thought.

chris flash said...

To better understand the latest financial "crisis," check out William K. Black's "The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One" that just came out. We don't need new laws, more power by the executive branch, bail-outs and all that horseshit. Congress and the Treasury Secretary only need to enforce EXISTING laws. That means putting banks and other financial institutions into receivership, not nationalizing them. That also means INDICTING those who packaged bullshit loans, rated them AAA and then sold them off to investors.

It should be obvious why no one is enforcing the laws already on the books.

Nothing will happen, because the current "crisis" is just another stage in the roughly ten year cycles that are created by those who manipulate the economy for their own ends.

The same forces that inflate the economy (aided and abetted by their compliant media that hypes the market, and by making plenty of money available at low rates) so that they can sell their holdings (stocks, real estate, etc.) at the peak of the market, also implode the economy (banks stop making loans, credit lines are restricted, interest rates are increased) so that they can then BUY for pennies on the dollar!!

The TRUE cause of the 1929 stock market crash was the bankers calling in loans and their refusal to make new loans. Investors who should not have been buying at the inflated prices then lost everything they had, corporations that could not get bridge loans shut down, unemployment soared -- sound familiar????

These parasites have ALWAYS been doing this, but most folks forget, especially when they're experiencing it in the present. When money is available (cheap loans), they're encouraged to live beyond their means; when the economy shrinks and they lose business or their employment, they can no longer pay their mortgages and credit card bills and they are fucked.

As long as these scums and their highly-paid whores in the House of "Representatives" and in the Executive branch are running things, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to live simply, within your means, stay liquid and don't indebt yourself. (They can only control you through your debt and consumption.)

Better yet, engage in barter and trade for goods and services within your community and bypass the bastards altogether!! This is easier and more fun than you may think!!

Anonymous said...

Will the new Astor Place Butt have a "Recession Special"?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that David Barton soon tanks along with the rest of the economy. What a no-good guy who attracts no-good clientele.

Anonymous said...

hasn't that barton gym been "coming soon" for over a year now? seems like it's already tanked.