Thursday, July 24, 2014

El Paso Restaurant


Reader Carol Gardens lets us know that the old El Paso restaurant on West Houston Street has closed. The place has been emptied and abandoned, with no explanation of when or why. The phone number has been disconnected and the website is gone.

A Yelper wrote on July 11: "Went there tonight and it's closed and it looks like for good. Menu is down. Metal grates over door and windows. RIP."

El Paso served Mexican-Spanish cuisine here since--well, I don't know since when. Possibly the 1960s. Maybe the 1980s. They had a big anniversary recently, with reduced prices, and I meant to go back but never did. Now I'm kicking myself.

They specialized in a cheap lobster dinner.


ShatteredMonocle said...

Nice colorized version of Picasso's Frugal Repast.

Riffchorusriff said...

Wow, this is really sad. I've been going there for years and didn't realize the place was in trouble. I'll miss its big portions, cool drinks, and comfortable atmosphere.

Ken Mac said...

Lenny at Something Special said the same lady (who was also the owner) cooked meals at El Paso for the past fifty years. When not one of her five sons wanted to continue the business she figured it was time to untie the apron. Hello Miami!

laura r. said...

big portions: way to go. forgrt those chichi places where the plate looks empty & you starve.

Madeline A said...

What in the world happened? Been going 10 years, always treated like a queen with big smiles greeting me on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I am very sad. Did they flee in the night because of disgusting raise in rent? Did they remove all the fixtures I loved? Thanks, Madeline A, Astoria

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremiah,
Do you have any news about how this place closed? and what is replacing it?