Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kidult on Marc

After all the speculation about graffiti artist Kidult collaborating with Marc Jacobs on last week's hot-pink graffiti bombing, I asked Kidult if it was true. His two-word answer in an email to me: "no collaboration."

Now he's added his own t-shirt design to his website, showing the nighttime work in process. He calls it "Final Ending" with the cryptic slogan in Jacobsian typeface: "Not Art by Kidult":


On his Twitter feed he adds:

And in case there's any further confusion about his feelings for Mr. Jacobs' work, he labels this one "Bourgeois Thug":


Jacobs T Re-T'd
Marc Jacobs Attacked
Marc Jacobs Attack T

More Jane, Less Marc
The Future is Marc


laura said...

i skimmed this post. i think theres way too much marc jacobs here. enough, give him a rest.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i wonder if he ever says, "hey, let's give the city a rest and stop opening up one store after another, cheek by jowl, on every once-quiet street." eh, probably not.