Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Walls & Windows 1980

A reader sent in a link to the blog Multiglom, showing photos from New York in 1980. The blogger, UK novelist Anne Billson, took a bunch of photos of walls and windows in the Village. She writes, "Once, when I was taking a photograph of a wall, a man came up to me and grumbled, 'Why is everyone always taking photos of walls?'"

That's easy--because the walls of the city tell a story in peeling layers of posters and graffiti.

all photos by Anne Billson

One recalls New Wave singer Lene Lovich (check her out) and Lucia Dlugoszewski, the creator of over a hundred musical instruments (have a listen).

Another wall features posters pleading with New Yorkers to "help stop the nuclear nightmare" and also "learn to meditate." Peter and the Girlfriends had a concert, along with The Idiot Orchestra, while film and video played at the Mudd Club.

Does anyone remember a shop called Defiant Pose?

And here's a classic cobbler shop shot. If the shop is still there, which I doubt, it likely looks exactly the same as it did in 1980. Where do all the shoe-sole neon signs go when they vanish?

See more at Multiglom.


T. Rinaldi said...

A very similar (but not identical) neon shoe sole hangs in the window of John's Shoe Repair at 30 Irving Place.

Marty Wombacher said...

Ha, I thought of John's shoe repair when I saw that photo too! Very cool photos and links today!