Wednesday, September 17, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Addendum to Sinking Ships, Limp Dicks: Fran Lebowitz on the crashing economy: "I can’t wait! Just when you think how horrible New York has become in terms of things interfering with the tone of the city, they’re finally leaving! The rich people! They’re leaving! They’re leaving!" [NYO]

Join Danny Meyer and the Union Square bigwigs tomorrow, 9/18, for a celebration to save the park from privatization. And don't forget to "Bring your own pot," ahem, "and something to bang with." [SUS]

Super-trendy EV bar Death & Co. is fighting eviction--seems they're a bit loud and the building residents don't like it. Wow. [Grub]

Carrie Bradshaw's teen years to be written. I wonder: When it's time to publish Carrie's early childhood, will we have "virgin" Brazilian bikini wax scenes? And in the chronicles of her infancy, will she appear in high-heeled baby booties? [EVG]

ny post

It's official: Bloomberg blames the "I want it now" yunnies for the fall of New York's economy--and (sort of) calls for thrift. [EVG]

And Grieve's got the doctor to the "fashion bitches" of NYC, who pays housecalls to Gossip Girls all over town. [EVG]

Compare the beauty of old buildings built for the poor to the sterility of new buildings for the affluent. [BBB]

Always wanted to buy a magazine storage box for $150,000? Now you can. [Times]

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