Friday, November 2, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

God, I love Joey of Curbed's comic-book rendering of condo Yves' hideous promotional materials. Look at the yunnies in their natural habitat! Along with showering outdoors, note how they love to show off by bathing next to floor-to-ceiling blindless windows! [Curbed]

To update the ongoing saga at 18th and 8th: They listened to the neighbor's notes and took down their crappy barriers. Now the neighbors, along with the hordes of high-schoolers, are back to enjoying a seat on the condo's ledge:

East Village artist, fixture, symbol, etc., Mosaic Man Jim Power has abandoned us for Brooklyn. Says the Voice: "The demise of New York City is a death by a thousand cuts." [Voice]

Although they warned me to avert my eyes, I still looked. If you're squeamish you might not want to click this link to see a gruesome photo of Gertel's Bakery being destroyed to make room for more condos. [Curbed]

Coincidentally, I was just the other day taking pictures of this gutted building and wondering what was up -- a giant hotel, that's what. If anyone knows any history of this building on the corner of (I think) 13th and 4th, please let me know:


rexlic said...

Everything about that W. 18th Street condo is so self-contained, self-referential--in a word, narcissistic--I hope Curbed gives us more installments of what should be called "All About Yves." And although I can't be positive without driving past it again in the cab, the address suggests the soulless condo tower which replaced a charming little Italian restaurant, where during the summer they would screen movies against the wall of the courtyard.

Romy said...

That gutted building you mention had a dance studio upstairs for a long time, and there was a nice shoe repair shop on the ground floor. The shoe repairman, fortunately, got a new spot not far away. There was a dental place, too. Hank O'Neal mentions it in his issue of Goodie magazine, because he lives right behind it and he'll lose his view.

L'Emmerdeur said...

The dental place was a Britesmile branch, and was not there for long.