Monday, July 16, 2007

Verchovyna Tavern aka George's Bar aka Bar 81

VANISHED: New Year's Day 2005

On 7th Street since the 1930s, they could no longer afford the ever-rising rent.

These images are slivers stolen from someone else's pictures discovered on flickr. I cropped out the people and kept the blurry bar backgrounds.

Above, an orange martini glass frames the phrase (unseen here) "Have a Happy." Below, you see the stained glass doors of the cabinetry, decorated with beer barrels.


Anonymous said...

Found this. Any use to you?

Goggla said...

Thanks to your recent comments, I've re-discovered this post!

My bf used to work at Bar 81 and can tell you a zillion stories. Also, the owner of Bar 82 was a bartender here and he can tell you more...he might have photos, I'm not sure.