Thursday, March 22, 2018

Three of Cups


In the East Village, Three of Cups is closing. Owner Anthony Barile writes on his Facebook page:

"The day has come where I must share the sad news that Three of Cups will be closing. I’ve thought often about what I might say when this day came and each time I pushed the thought from my head, but here we are. The reasons are many that we are at this moment, with all of them meaning that I can’t sustain it any longer. It’s the end of the longest thing I’ve continuously been involved with, almost 1/2 my life, nearly 26 years."

Their last day will be April 1.


Carmine said...

. . . damnit! NO end to this. Too bad . . . in more ways than one, this City is outpacing itself.

JM said...

This is a dark day. My favorite pizza, great main dishes, terrific salads...all gone.

My wife and I are grateful for all of the wonderful food over the years. But whatever the reason behind the closing, this one is going to really hurt.

VillageLady said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Thanks for enhancing the neighborhood all these years. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed.

VillageLady said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Thanks so much for enhancing the neighborhood and our lives with your good food and good vibes. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed.

Cutsgirl said...

No big loss...I've eaten there this past summer and the service and food were nothing special. I had to ask 3 times for my glass of red wine and more bread for the table when our food came. I ordered spaghetti, sausage and meatballs...which was edible and nothing special about it. My companions dinners were nothing to brag about, either. The dessert was tiramisu and that was probably the best of the night. Friends who live in the neighborhood dined there and about a month or two ago and the food wasn't to their liking. Sorry, but no great loss. Lavagna on Fifth street between Avenue A & B is far more superior in service and food.