Friday, March 16, 2018

Banksy's Back

Banksy is back in town. He unveiled a mural on the Houston Street wall today, urging the liberation of Turkish artist Zehra Dogan.

A Banksy rat appeared on a clock at 14th and 6th Avenue, atop the old Greenwich Savings Bank that will soon be torn down for luxury condos.

photo via Banksy

Now Instagrammers are finding more possible Banksy easter eggs around town, including one somewhere in East Harlem:

And another at Avenue I and Coney Island Ave -- both with a similar message for the capitalist class:


John K said...

So cool that Banksy's back in NYC. His public art and activism are especially relevant today. Ironically the banksters loot and the laws end up working in their favor again and again and again. For decades they've gotten away with almost everything, including crashing the US and global economies in 2007-9, and they're trying their best, with bipartisan help in Congress, to do it again.

zuzuzpetals said...

This link claims that the new mural on the Bowery and Houston is by Banksy.

The politics of it seem like it could be him, but it also lacks the usual fineness of his detail. Features the jailed female Turkish dissident, Zehra Dogans.