Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Moscot's Move

Last month I wrote about the demise of 69 West 14th St and its tenement neighbors. At that time, nine storefronts had been shuttered, and developer Extell will likely demolish the buildings. Now there are ten.

Sol Moscot was (from what I can tell) the last tenant in the buildings, making them now clear for destruction.

And Moscot has moved up 6th Avenue, into the mini-mall structure built a few years ago by the Stonehenge Group.

Stonehenge is the same group that cleared all the small businesses out of a building they purchased on 9th Avenue and 18th Street. It was a move that broke the hearts of many local people. That was years ago. Since then, they put in a Wells Fargo bank, but all of the remaining spaces still sit empty and wasted.

Stonehenge also quintupled the rent on Colony Records, putting them out of Times Square after 60 years. Has anything permanent moved into that spot, or is it still revolving holiday pop-ups?

Anyway, I hope Moscot got a good, long lease at 555 6th Ave. It's getting so you can't stay anywhere for long in this town.


traceyjackson@mac.com said...

I heard from a banker that soon many of the banks will be shuttering as well since most people use ATM's and bank online. Will the city be one for lease sign with a Nobu or a cupcake shop scattered around various blocks?

Brian said...

If banks vacate their storefronts, I am sure Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts will fill in. Coffee and pastries in every storefront.

Michael Diamond said...

It's a shame about Sol Moscot. That was a lovely space, with mahogany walls; old world charm. From the store front, this location looks like every other eye glass store. At least the old space on Orchard is still intact.