Wednesday, December 27, 2017

That Big Penis

So that big penis mural (or is it a dildo?) on Broome Street doesn't have much longer. Workers are preparing to paint it over today. The ropes and ladders are already in place.

It was painted earlier this week by Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt, as part of the New Allen project (which seems to have something to do with artwashing the Lower East Side for more gentrification).

Today, onlookers gathered in the freezing cold to gaze upon the mural. Many took selfies with it.

News crews interviewed the onlookers, asking their thoughts.

When asked about the negative local response to the mural, one guy answered, "If people can't appreciate the penis, they can't appreciate life."

Another reporter said he could see a face in the network of veins. "See it? Right there? You can see a guy's face. It looks kind of like a clown."

Down the block, guys on the corner were talking. One said, "It's just the same old neighborhood shit."

Another said, "It's vulgar. It's not good for the kids. But I'd like it better if it was a big vagina."


Unknown said...

Why paint it over? Why not just slip a condom on it?

John K said...

I'm glad you snapped some photos of it, Jeremiah, before it's covered up.

A bit outrageous, distinctive and old New York-esque it is.

Good for hypergentrifying neighborhoods it isn't.

Happy 2018 and beyond!