Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Vanishings

At the end of each year, since 2007, I offer a list of places that vanished during the year. These are the ones I covered on the blog, but there were many more (and I've been blogging much less lately). Please add those not included here in the comments. Click the highlighted name to go to the post for more info. And for previous years' vanishings, just scroll down to the bottom.

Greek Corner Coffee Shop, since 1980. Reason for closure unknown--possible sale of building to new owner

Le Train Bleu, since 1980. Closed by Bloomingdale's.

Fong Inn Too, in Chinatown since 1933. Family couldn't keep it going, sold the building.

Leo Design, since 1995 on Bleecker, kicked out, then another 7 years on Hudson, where the rent was too high.

The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, since 1931. Sold to a Chinese corporation, closed for a renovation into luxury condos.

Chez Jacqueline, since 1982. Reason unknown.

Lenox Lounge, since 1939. Closed by rent hike in 2012, this year it was demolished.

San Loco, Second Avenue, since 1986. The rent was too high.

Love Store, since 1982. This was the last one. Closed by competition from big chain stores.

Francisco's Centro Vasco, since 1979. Closed, then re-opened, and then closed again for good. Business was a struggle.

French Roast, since I don't know when. Reason for closure unknown.

The Cup and Saucer Luncheonette, since 1988. Rent nearly doubled.

Riviera Cafe, since 1969. The cost of doing business in a changing neighborhood was too much.

The Village Voice in print, since 1955. New owner Peter Barbey, media mogul and heir to the billion-dollar fortune behind retail brands like The North Face and Timberland, decided to shut down the print edition.

Clayworks, since 1974. Kicked out by new building owner.

Cafe Orlin, since 1981. The owner got tired.

Reme Restaurant, 40 - 50 years. Reason unknown.

Native Leather, since 1968. Landlord denied a lease renewal. Moved to Carmine Street.

Hong Kong Tailor Jack, since the 1980s. Death of owner.

Mayfair Barber Shop, for 50 - 75 years. Reason for closure unknown.

Matt Umanov Guitars, since 1969. Owner retired.

Moe's Meat Market gallery, since 1977-ish. Owner died, building sold.

HiFi Bar, since 1982 as Brownie's. Reason for closure: The newcomers to the neighborhood aren't interested.

Argo Electronics, for around 40 years. Reason for closure unknown.

Frankel's, since 1890. Moving to Jersey (they might still be in Brooklyn for a bit).

Walter's Antique Clock and Watch Repair, for about 20 years. Forced out by rent hike.

Second Hand Rose Records, since I don't know when, for I don't know why.

Closing December 31:
Noho Star and Temple Bar, since 1985 and 1989
Grassroots Tavern, for 42 years.

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Laura Goggin Photography said...

As always, an impressively sad list. Happy new year to you - may 2018 be less painful in every way.

I hate New Things said...

Seabreeze 2 Fish market on 18 Avenue in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. Old school Italian seafood store. Closed some time this year, missed out on Christmas Eve rush!

Unknown said...

Le Perigord Restaurant, 1964 to March 11, 2017. 405 East 52nd Street.
East Village Cheese, First kicked out of Third Avenue then failing on 80 East 7th Street.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Around Industry City, and along 4th & 5th Avenues south of 9th Street, businesses are rapidly closing. Some closures are due to retirement or illness & some to rent hikes - small businesses that quietly reflected an older demographic - the barbershop, the bodega, the hair salon or beauty supply store, the menswear shop, the storefront church, the small supermarket. None known beyond the specific neighborhood, but all older neighborhood staples. Around Third - the small ironworks, the auto supply business,and others. Lots of property listed for sale or rent where the businesses are destined to depart soon. Coming in - co-working spaces for "creatives," gyms, robot-building afterschool "maker" centers etc. The older small businesses at Hamilton Plaza have been turfed out, but the newer gym and gin-makers get to stay.

I'll miss many of the better known ones on your list, Jeremiah, especially Cup & Saucer, Grassroots, Frankel's. Hope everyone gets down to Hank's in its last year - a real piece of Mohawk ironworker history & a great old bar.

Surr wlies said...

Angelica Kitchen, 40 years of vegan eats in the East Village

rongee said...

Pó restaurant, Cornelia St., West Village, April, 2017, after 24 years. Due to huge rent increase.