Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lincoln Plaza Cinemas


Terrible news this morning from Deadline: "The Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, a temple of the art house movie scene in New York for 30 years, is at the end of its lease and is scheduled to close in January."

photo: Z-Mation

Co-owner Toby Talbot said "word of the January end date has started to circulate among industry execs and filmmakers, but no notices have been posted alerting customers. She said plans are being made for a formal sendoff on January 21."

Deadline further notes that the Talbots "maintained an old-fashioned zeal for cinema, which governed many of their choices." "We had the luxury of choosing films that we knew were not going to be successful commercially, and we could put them on our screens,” said Toby. “We were able to do what we wanted to do."


Mindy Lewis said...

Shameful, sad. It's my most frequented favorite theater and the last incarnation of the old New Yorker Theater. I will really miss it. I feel bad for its employees, many of whom have been there for decades. Soon NYC will be nothing but a giant shopping mall filled with cineplexes, banks and franchises.

Deenie said...

PLEASE consider reopening in Harlem!!!

Brian said...

Where will old rich folks go see movies? Also, this is a cineplex.

carver said...

Cinema Studio, The Regency, The Embassy, The Thalia, The Metro... weekly haunts of my NY adolescence. I learned more about cinema from these theaters than four years of film school. Now it's Lincoln Plaza on the chopping block. Looking back some of my favorite memories of growing up in NYC were centered around these places, what does the newer generation have?

Unknown said...

This breaks my heart. Saw many great films there and the staff was also super nice. Many of them have been there for years. I'm in shock. I'm also worried about Cinema Village.

Dora Nadelman said...

The LP had a great run, but visionaries cannot be replaced. With Daniel Talbot in poor health, it is ludicrous to think that anyone can take the place of this captain at the helm. LP will go down in cultural history as a giant not only locally, but globally.