Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Carnegie Deli Sign II

Yesterday, we watched the Carnegie Deli sign get taken apart.

Today, Tweet Ulrich tweeted this heartbreaking shot of it being carted away.

The building is coming down. Mega-developer Extell is buying it.

On and on and on it goes.


Mitch said...

The linked article doesn't say that the building is coming down - it mentions a variety of scenarios. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and the building will stay for a while.

Unknown said...

That iconic Carnegie sign in the back of the dump truck is a surreal sight. It reminds me (though less dramatic of course) of the final scene in "Planet of the Apes" where the Statue of Liberty is discovered half buried on the shoreline. And to think I used to laugh at dystopian future scenarios....not anymore.

DrBOP said...

Here's a NYC sign that never even had a chance:

......and soooo affordable ;^(