Tuesday, August 30, 2016

R&L Madewell

Last month I wondered if J. Crew's Madewell store in the Meatpacking District would put back the signage on the old R&L Luncheonette, later and most famously Florent.

They did. After removing it and, presumably, scouring it clean for the new clientele.

Benjamin Shaykin shared a pic on Twitter and noted: "two kids walked up all excited while I was taking this. 'I think it’s opening tomorrow!' one said to his friend."

Of course.

On Gay Pride Day in 2008, restaurant Florent closed its doors, forced to shutter after 23 years when the landlord raised the rent from $6,000 to $50,000 per month. On his famous menu board, Morellet spelled out an optimistic thought in white plastic letters, “REAL ESTATE GOES DOWN / NYC SURVIVES.”


James said...

"I'll have the turkey club sandwich and an 'airy, easy tee', please."
Reminds me, ever-sadly, of the Scribner's book store on Fifth Avenue that sells only shmates by Sephora. One is constantly teased over the fact that a New York of the past once supported this (now both changeling addresses).

Unknown said...

Hey, those casually dressed over-priced mannequins look like their enjoying themselves a lot more than the actual living patrons who enjoyed eating at Restaurant FLorent!

....Said no one ever....

Unknown said...

JCREW?? NY is a parody of itself. they did maintain the sign, be grateful for small favors.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

The sign business has me so ambivalent. I'm glad to see beautiful old signs saved, but when they're "repurposed" for such different ends they become a sad, faux version of older times - just empty decorative motifs.