Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chained Rebel

When I reported on the closure of Rebel Rebel Records back in June, I noted that they were given the boot so that their high-end fashion neighbor, Scotch & Soda, could expand into their little space.

Well, that's happening right now.

The Amsterdam couture chain store has put their brand on Rebel's window, and they've started gutting and redecorating the place.

Scotch & Soda has nearly 100 other locations around the world. There was just one Rebel Rebel.



Unknown said...

Excellent point about the 100 locations of Scotch and Soda vs. the 1 and now 0 locations of Rebel Rebel. Lets not forget that the Scotch and Soda brand of clothing is also carried in 7000 other outfitters around the world and they can easily be shopped online!

A. said...

This is saddening, but could they be more specific about the rent rise? How much was the rent rise? Was their business getting enough customers?