Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Left Bank's Replacement

The space that last held Left Bank Books has a replacement.

A shop called Hawkins New York is moving in. According to their website, Hawkins was "born out of a palpable void in the lifestyle market for quality, accessible, home goods." Their aim is to "incorporate the concept of artisanal collective production, while maintaining a modern sensibility in design."

I deeply miss Left Bank Books. They closed earlier this year after 24 years in business, explaining: "the costs of maintaining a brick-and-mortar used and rare bookshop in Greenwich Village are simply no longer tenable." The other small businesses on this block were pushed out by rising rents and the other inflated costs of doing business. Left Bank had moved to this spot after being forced to leave their old location on West 4th Street.


Catherine said...

Oh yes, we were desperately waiting for Hawkins and their artisanal wonders!

Brian said...

I can't believe they were only there for 24 years, as I had moved there in 1996 and thought they were an institution then. Much came and went since, before and after. I left in 2000 or 2001. Half my books, I bought there. Does anyone remember? I suppose many thousand of lifetimes have been forgotten on those couple of blocks of Carmine St.

Unknown said...

I checked out the site, it Looks to be a designers version of Pier 1 imports with a bent towards minimalism. I wish them luck of course, but they are nothing revolutionary nor are they filling any void in the merchandising arena. It's another one of those scratch your head businesses where you say to yourself... This place can afford the rent? Then again I'm sure I'm not their target client. It seems New York isn't targeting me for much these days.

Oh well, as the Sondheim lyrics go:

Good times and bum times, I've seen 'em all, and, my dear,
I'm still here.
Plush velvet sometimes, sometimes just pretzels and beer,
but I'm here.
I've run the gamut, A to Z;
three cheers and, dammit, c'est la vie.
I got through all of last year,
and I'm here.
Lord knows, at least I've been there, and I'm here.

John K said...

Yunnie zombie urbanist hypergentrified neoliberal salad: "artisanal collective production, while maintaining a modern sensibility in design."

Translation: exorbitantly expensive, contemporary hipster furniture and tchotkes. Bleccch!

Ken Mac said...

wait, I have to clean up the puke.