Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Maria's Mont Blanc


Last night was the last night for Maria's Mont Blanc restaurant on West 48th.

photo via New York

Stephen wrote in:

"Those of us who've been denizens of Hell's Kitchen are losing a wonderful neighborhood bar/restaurant. Fought for at least a year with the landlord. Hangout for the musicians' union across the street as well as theater designers, box office staff, stage hands, and, of course, tourists. Lots of Broadway casts and off-Broadway casts hang after their shows. A truly great spot. And beloved by the surrounding industry."

Maria's Mont Blanc has been around since 1982 -- in one location, then another, both on West 48th Street. Eater visited in 2011 and reported: "the feeling that you're in the capable hands of a close-knit family remains. I've rarely seen such conscientious kindness as that exhibited by Mont Blanc's staff toward its faithful clientele."

And another one gone while City Hall sits on its hands. #SaveNYC.


John K said...

It's increasingly clear that City Hall is just Bloomberg-lite. I used to think de Blasio was up against forces he couldn't defeat, but his complicity--and that of so many on the City Council--becomes ever more clear by the day.

Between the real estate industry, the domestic and foreign billionaires, the hordes of suburbanites still arriving in droves, and the policies catered to a social and economic elite, the writing is on the wall that New York City will be hypergentrified until there's nothing left to be transformed.

Maybe a Museum of Late 20th Century Memories and Nostalgia is in order at this point.

schwenko said...

what a shame!!

Peter said...

DeBlasio is a transactional politician, like most (Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani, but unlike Bloomberg), his modus operandi is "pay to play." Whatever else you want to criticize Bloomberg for, he was clean and upfront about his inentuind because he wasn't in anybody's pocket, and scandal seldom attached to him. The same is not true of De Blasio, whose pursuit of affordable housing is (a) via a bigger-is-better policy drafted by REBNY; and (b) at the expense of all other land uses (i.e., preserving hospitals, gas stations and small mom-and-pop businesses).

Peter said...

Something for Ben Katchor to consider drawing.

Chris Goosman said...

I am a regular visitor to Manhattan, and I've been going to Maria's once or twice a year for close to 20 years. I was so sad to see that it was closed when I tried to visit on this trip.

I also used to be a regular reader of this blog, but it frankly got too depressing, and I don't even live here!

My last visit was about nine months ago and I could not believe the changes in that nine month time. Places that appeared to be thriving businesses shuttered, demolition of buildings that clearly had life in them but apparently weren't tall enough, or open enough, etc. I don't have much hope, but I do hope that the residents here can slow or stop the destruction of your great city. I understand that you can't stop change, but come on! What I see is way beyond simple change.

Unknown said...

My Wife and I discovered Mont Blanc about five years ago and have made at least yearly visits to that fine establishment. When we went there earlier this week, we were shocked to see it closed and shuttered. Fortunately it appears they will reopen a few blocks north. Looking forward to that event. Joe & Cathy

schwenko said...

Some good news to report!

Mont Blanc has now reopened, as Mont Blanc 52, located at 344 w 52nd Street.

I ate there last night, and it was wunderbar!