Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Laundromat Gone

A few years ago I did a post about the laundromat on West 4th and Bank Street. Marc Jacobs had just expanded into part of it, and I wrote about how I always took its picture because I worried about it vanishing.

"It has that look," I wrote then, "old and shabby, and therefore real, a Velveteen Rabbit of a place." I also liked how the laundress decorated the window with orange peels.

Well, that's all gone now.

I took these pictures a couple of months ago and haven't been back to look, but I figure the place is either still sitting empty or has become another luxury shopping mall chain store.

If you know what happened here, please let us know.


Unknown said...

there goes another service. no laundries, no show repairs no nothing. just eat your yogart while on your cell phone.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Went to the storefront today. The laundromat sign is still there, but the windows are all brown papered over so you cannot look inside. There is a NYC building permit posted. It says that retail construction is going on for Le Labo. Looking on the building dept. website more information of the permit says it is a fragrance company. So seems like Le Labo is opening a high end fragrance/perfume store there.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Thanks Donnie. Figures: where one bottle of perfume costs $440: