Wednesday, December 16, 2015

La Lunchonette's Last Days

You may recall that last fall I reported that La Lunchonette would be forced to close, thanks to the High Line Effect that is sweeping small businesses from Chelsea.

The 28-year-old restaurant hung on longer than expected, but now the last supper has been announced. La Lunchonette's final night will be this New Year's Eve. 

Owner Melva Max adds, "A ten story building will be erected, another 'starchitect' flexing their creative muscle along the old rail line."

After the High Line opened, Max's landlord’s phone didn't stop ringing, and it was always a real-estate developer on the other end. She told me, “My landlord’s not a bad guy, but how you can you say no to offers of $30 million?” 

She also noted, “The neighborhood is so gross now. It’s all tourists coming for the High Line. People always say, ‘But wasn’t it great for you?’ The High Line has been the cause of my demise.” 

Stop in before La Lunchonette is gone -- taking its delicious lamb sausages with it.


melva max said...

Thank you dear Jeremiah! A ten story building will be erected, another "starchitect" flexing their creative muscle along the old rail line.
There was a great piece in the weekend Financial Times recently talking about the development along the High Line and its disregard for the architectural elements of the surrounding area in Chelsea.
And just for the record, at the end of this year it is 28 years. We opened in January 1988.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Thanks Melva--I'll add those.

James said...

It strikes me as ironic that the Highline prides itself on having unusual views. These views are getting swallowed up like a visiting storm. This view -, for instance, is actually no longer available, as an artful high-rise has obliterated it. Nevertheless, I'm sure the apartments are a bargain. Well...

Karsten said...

Thank you Melva for giving NYC delicious, honest, simple French bistro food without fuss. Something to be proud of! Will be sure to come by before year's end.

Patricia Kennealy Morrison said...

I will never set foot on the High Line.