Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Vanishings

At the end of each year, since 2007, I offer a list of places that vanished during the year. These are the ones I covered on the blog, but there were many more. Please add those not included here in the comments. Click the highlighted name to go to the post for more info. And for previous years' vanishings, just scroll down to the bottom.

Avignone Chemist
Since 1832. Killed by its new landlord, a hedge fund that tripled the rent.

The Unicorn
Just 21 years old. Another piece of gay Chelsea gone. Rent increase.

La Parisienne
Since 1950. Cause of death unknown.

28 years in Chinatown, beloved by gangsters and karaoke kids alike. Could not get a new lease from the landlord.

Since 1957. Building sold, a new restaurant took over the space.

Caffe Dante
100 years old. Sold by the owners.

Penn Books
Since 1962.

Eagle Provisions
Over 75 years old. Owners opted to close in a neighborhood where they no longer fit.

Louis Shoe Rebuilders
On the site of the Empire State Building before the Empire State Building was even built, the shop had been here since 1921. After 94 years, the landlord did not renew the lease.

Rudy's Music Stop of 48th Street
Music Row is dead and dying.

Tribeca Cinemas
Since 1996. Building sold for development.

Charlie Mom
Since 1983. Death by rent hike.

The Palm Restaurant
90 years old--and gorgeous. The owners sold the building. The cartoon murals were destroyed.

Cafe Borgia II
Since 1975. Lost their lease.

Market Diner
Since 1962. Sold to the Moinian Group development corporation, closed for demolition and a new luxury tower.

La Taza de Oro
68 years old. Forced to close by the city due to bricks falling from neighboring building. After several months of losing income, the owners decided they could not reopen.

La Lunchonette
28 years old. Closing New Year's Eve. The landlord sold the building for more High Line development.

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I hate New Things said...

Karavas Greek Place near West 4th

Last Exit Bar Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn

also Pete's Waterfront Alehouse changed its vibe, gone is the free popcorn, millions of hot sauces and a nice friendly bar atmosphere. In its place is a faux Italian pizza place that I will definitely not be frequenting

Anonymous said...

I call BS on the Eagle Provisions no longer fitting. That place was consistently shopped. I never went in that there weren't a dozen or so people looking for beer. They had everything. If anything, a place like that, with an abundance of beer for purchase, was a PERFECT fit even with their changing demographics. It's weird that they don't complain that they could no longer afford to stay in business, but what an easy complaint to say "Changing demographics" forced them to quit.

Unknown said...


onemorefoldedsunset said...

Down from Eagle, the Slovak restaurant, Milan's, is closing by year's end, after twenty years. Rising rent & yes, changing demographics. At Eagle, the many varieties of beer certainly helped attract a broader, younger crowd, but the soul of the place was in their Polish products, and that market had certainly dwindled. Demographics were a part of the decision to sell. One of the two brothers that owned the place wanted to stay on, but the other was ready to get out. They did well out of the sale, having got the building from the City for almost nothing in the 70's. This spot was a Polish grocery (the White Eagle) since at least the 30s, & the old, porcelain signs were right there underneath the iconic, hand-painted Provisions ones.

Corey said...

Mezzogiorno- on the corner of Spring and Sullivan since 1987, closed this past week.

Richie said...

Stage Restaurant on 2nd Ave! :(

Brian said...

Karavas was my home away from home on Cornelia Street for 3 years.. Lentil Soup burger and fries. I am sure it was all about the beer and bar for others.

Brian said...

Avignone, gone, tragedy.

D'Seer said...

Last Exit closing broke my heart. They closed in 2014, though, not 2015. I hadnt gone in as much in recent years but I have a lot of great memories from that place. Made it to the closing night. Apparently, they didnt close until about 8 or 9am the next day. The space remains empty.

Unknown said...

Weird. They just opened a second location (maybe now their only location) on the UWS at 107th and Broadway.

Unknown said...

It's a list of many miseries. My personal saddest is La Taza de Oro. They stayed open to serve the neighborhood's need for them. They could have retired happily many years ago. They were put through the same kind of bureaucratic hoops as B&H went through, without having the mobilization to help them fight it. La Luncheonette at least had a long run, and the owners were ready to say 'good-bye' if not the patrons. Avignon Pharmacy was so much it's own place, and will never be replaced. Caffe Dante, one of the few old village Italian cafes that made the village the village. I have many more Obits for this list, but I'm sure they will be spoken by others. R.I.P. the fabric of NYC.

Logic VanGoodboink said...

Hudson Place, a Murray Hill gem closed due to shenanigans by their landlord. The owners still run Hendricks nearby, but after 25 years in NYC I'd never come across a cozier, more comfortable, tasteful, reliable place to get great food, drinks & service at a reasonable price (and it was all under the radar). I miss this place tremendously.

rongee said...

To Johanna Climenko, excellent comments, Thank you ! Add to this list; Allied Builders Hardware & Paint Store, 59 Second Ave. A local mom & pop operation, serving the lower east side community since 1982. Forced out by greedy landlords who thought it would be fair to "Triple" the monthly rent to $28,000. Seriously ! And, Commerce Restaurant, 50 Commerce St. in Greenwich Village. Although only there for 7 years, this excellent and highly successful restaurant occupied an historic location, former home to The Grange & The Blue Mill restaurants and maintained their tradition of a neighborhood place. Forced out by a greedy landlord over a 4 year legal battle regarding a technicality in the lease. Many, many more closings in 2015, no doubt with a continuation into 2016. " say goodbye to what you know " .

Mitch said...

Academy Florists, founded in 1910, used to be on the corner of 106th and Broadway. Not sure if it was a rent increase or some other cause that induced them to move to the fancy new highrise at 100th and Broadway. They were only there for a few months and then shut down. Their old place is now occupied by Bank St bookstore, and their new place is empty.,-73.9700213,3a,75y,115h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sauoqXt3Vackhr7TqwM_qeA!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c2f624cca82b1b:0x23eccfa35356e326!6m1!1e1

I would love to know more of the story...

Unknown said...

I still don't understand the destruction of The Palm while keeping Palm Too literally across the street. The walls alone would be sufficient reason to do the opposite. I'm so furious I refuse to go to Palm Too.