Thursday, December 3, 2015

DeRobertis Opens DeRoLicious

Some good news for a change. The DeRobertis family, moved from their historic space in the East Village one year ago, has just announced the opening of a new shop in Clifton, New Jersey.

Via email, they write:

"This is the DeRobertis Family. Well, the reason I am contacting you is because on Nov. 23 we opened up a place called DeRoLicious Delights. My Father John, Brother John, Tony the Baker and I (Dana) have decided to continue the business in Clifton, NJ. We are very excited to be back sharing our family tradition with new and old friends. We have a retail space available to visit AND an Online Shop available for people to order Biscotti, Butter Cookies & more."

You can find them online here -- follow them on Instagram -- and visit them in person at 64 1/2 Market St., Clifton, NJ.

Some of the old furnishings have gone with them, including the tables and chairs, and their excellent Wall of Fame:


Sunny A said...

Excellent! The loss of my grandfather's hangout since 1908 was quite sad. Hopefully online orders can approximate the fresh, truly outstanding qualities which I've enjoyed forever. Tony Accetta, Denver

Trixie said...

This makes my heart glad, it really does.

Michael D. Subrizi said...

Great! I'm rarely in Jersey, but ate at the spot in the village for years. Happy they're still going. Thanks for the update