Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Palm For Rent

Back in June, I first shared the news that The Palm Restaurant, after 90 years, would likely be closing. Last month, The Real Deal confirmed and Eater posted photos of the ruined interior, its priceless murals destroyed.

Now reader Dave J. sends in a photo of the recently raised "For Rent" banner:

It's very large and rather self-satisfied. It proudly crows: "1st Time Available in 90 Years."

That's not actually a good thing. That's a bad thing. That's a thing that means a 90-year-old treasure has been a cupcake shop or fro-yo chain can move in.

Also, the windows have been papered over. So no more bloggers taking pictures of the destruction inside.


Brian said...

I am surprised the owner didn't sell the building to someone who would demolish it and build a skyscraper. This is in Midtown East. I would not be surprised if TDBank swoops in there, they are everywhere. The city looks more like Toronto nowadays anyway.

James said...

I still wonder if the murals are still underneath a couple of coats of paint - one day to be unearthed as the WPA murals were unearthed at the Marine Air Terminal at LGA. The Palm murals appeared to have been lacquered over in a bid to protect them.
Did anyone photograph all of the murals - cleanly and without intrusive flash?
Ideas last longer than real estate.

Unknown said...

maybe im missing something, but where is/was the "palm"?