Friday, September 25, 2015

Adam Purple Burial & Memorial

Earlier this month, Adam Purple, Lower East Side artist, activist, and creator of the Garden of Eden, died of a heart attack while riding his bike across the Williamburg Bridge. Since then, friends have been working hard to get him buried according to his wishes. Finances, however, are an issue.

The Adam Purple Burial and Memorial Fund is collecting donations to cover Purple's burial at the Greensprings Natural Burial Preserve in New York's Finger Lakes region, along with a memorial on the Lower East Side.

From the page: "He spent his life as an activist for sustainability, living sustainably himself. As such, he did not spend his life accumulating assets. It is up to us, his friends and those whose lives he enriched, to ensure that he has the final resting place that he wanted and believed in. We would also like to erect a permanent memorial on the Lower East Side where people can meditate, congregate, and remember Adam and what he stood for. On behalf of Adam, thank you for your generosity."

Please visit Give Forward to donate.

Adam Purple, by Harvey Wang

In addition, tomorrow from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the LaPlaza Cultural Community Garden at Avenue C and East 9th Street, a memorial service will be held for Purple. It is open to the public.

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editrrix said...

Purple's story has so captured my heart. With all this emphasis on the Pope's importance, right here in our midst was a man who, let's face it, spent countless hours of backbreaking labor to build something hopeful, beautiful, nourishing to both body and soul, for the entire community. It is shameful that the Giuliani Administration so destroyed both his home as well as the garden. With all of his effort to legally save it, why couldn't the garden be saved? Because it represented a way for anyone to reclaim the land in a perfectly noble and justified way. Sadly, we have learned nothing from his story.