Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Douchebag Storage Locker

Last week, we looked at the destruction of the historic Blatt Billiards building and the opinionated graffiti on its "Work in Progress" poster.

On the image of the glassy luxury tower to come, people had written: "Ugly Work in Progress," "YUCK," and more.

The poster was quickly replaced with a fresh one and covered in plastic, presumably to deter the detractors. They have not been deterred.

This week they added "UGLY" and the colorful descriptor "Douchebag Storage Locker," with an arrow pointing straight at 809 Broadway, so there could be no mistake.


HotAlexFromTroy said...


Ken Mac said...

Love it!

amyaversion said...

I wish we could put all of the douchebags in a storage locker. Preferably one without air holes.

License Advisor said...

Back in 1963 I opened a bowlers pro shop on Broadway in upper Manhattan. My key supplier of shoes, bags and bowling balls was Blatt. Phil Blatt was the boss and Rick was his manager and Ron was his Son. I was always welcomed there and never forgot the big showroom.

Cory in North Brooklyn said...

I try not to go too negative in my political fights but I enjoy reading the colorful commentary when others voice their opinion with a sharpie. Every sign that goes up for new condos in my neighborhood of Greenpoint gets a similar treatment.