Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Revolution Books


Revolution Books, opened in 1979, has lost their lease. They've called an "emergency meeting" for this Thursday at 7:00 pm at the shop.

On the Facebook invite, they write: "Friends! Revolution Books has lost its space and must move out of 26th Street store by May 30. We come to you -- the thousands of people who know and love this bookstore -- to help us re-locate right away.

As the planet burns up, as immigrants drown at sea fleeing countries ravaged by imperialism, as our youth are murdered by police in epidemic numbers, and as a beautiful new rising bursts from Ferguson to Baltimore to New York City, Revolution Books is needed more than ever. It is also a moment when Revolution Books could be lost... There is no bookstore like Revolution Books -- it cannot become one more in the string of important places forced to close."

Back in 2012, they nearly closed when their landlord issued a major rent increase. Prior to that, they lost their long-time space on 19th Street.

Dedicated to social justice and change, Revolution Books is a non-profit with an all-volunteer staff. They survive in part by donations (click here to donate). They are also one of an ever-dwindling number of bookstores in Manhattan.

#SaveNYC. Lend your help to Revolution Books. And please sign the petition to pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act to protect our small businesses from massive rent hikes and lease renewal denials.


laurarubin said...

sorry to see the store close. i am on the opposite end of this political mainstream gov mindset (based upon your essay). still we need these small stores, especally books. last place i may visit, but liberty & free speech for all.

chris flash said...

REV BOOKS is definitely worth supporting, but I keep telling them that they ought to re-locate to the LES where many vacant stores are still available.

They insist that they need to be near a transportation hub, but they could get a much better deal elsewhere downtown.

WHY keep trying to raise MORE rent money simply to line their greedy landlord's pockets????

Anonymous said...

Acid rain. Drug addiction. International terrorism. Freeway killers. Now more than ever, it is important to remember the true meaning of Christmas, I mean, support Revolution Books. Don't miss Charles Dickens immortal classic; Scrooge, I mean use the Twitter hashtag #SaveNYC and visit my blog. Your life might just depend on it...