Monday, May 4, 2015

Caffe Capri

Amy Rose Spiegel writes in with some unsettling news:

"I have a really saddening tip to share: Mike, who runs Uncle Louie G's on Graham, exacerbated my suspicions that Caffe Capri is closed. It's been gated and locked for days, and he told me other neighborhood heads have told him independently that it's done for good. I'm heartbroken and hoping Sarah and Joe, the elderly brother- and sister-in-law who run it, are all right."

Here's hoping this one is just a rumor, and that the folks at Caffe Capri are simply on vacation, returning any day now.

The Williamsburg treasure has been here since 1974, but we know Graham Avenue is changing. The boutiques and upscale "specialty" coffee shops are moving in. Idiosyncratic Italian-American businesses like Grande Monuments are moving out. Simply put, the loss of Caffe Capri would break a lot of hearts.

For more on this beloved place, see my interview with filmmaker Casimir Nozkowski and his short documentary.


Anonymous said...

I spoke to Joe on Saturday as he opened the gate to collect his mail. He looked disheartened but said that he hoped they would be open soon. "Maybe in a week."

I am still concerned, based on the look on his face, but am hopeful that the neighborhood won't let Caffe Capri shut down. Variety will never satisfy our iced coffee needs.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Thanks Anon. Any idea why they're closed?

Dental Ding Doc said...

We drove by a few months ago (live in Manhattan, used to live next door) and drove up and down the block saying 'I know it's around here somewhere...' We were so sad to learn it was gone. Does anyone know what the story of their exit was? I hope they are doing well and are happy in their retirement. Miss this landmark.

Unknown said...

I also used to live down the block and I still dream about Joe's iced coffee. Was in N. Brooklyn recently and was devastated they had shut down. If anyone does know the story -- and if Joe and Sarah are still around -- would love to hear what happened.