Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eagle Provisions


After more than 75 years in Greenwood Heights, the Polish grocery store Eagle Provisions closed last week.

One More Folded Sunset was there and took a look inside.

photo: One More Folded Sunset

The Brooklyn blogger writes of the emptied space: "Pope John Paul II remains on the wall, a benevolent presence above the deli counter, and a single, skinny, length of kabanos hangs alone amidst Christmas tinsel. Farther along the wall, you can still see the portrait of John, Richard & patriarch Szczepan Zawisny, taken in earlier years, which shows them surrounded by the fruits of their labor - a glorious bounty of sausage and ham."

This time, it wasn't about rising rent. It was about people getting tired, and struggling to keep pace with a changing neighborhood.

“We’ve adapted as much as we could,” co-owner John Zawisny told Brooklyn Paper last year. “But there’s only so much you can do.”

In a Times story yesterday, Vivian Yee wrote about Eagle Provisions and other Brooklyn businesses "calling it quits" in the changing city: "After decades of anchoring their neighborhoods, these business owners have found that they no longer quite belong."


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