Monday, April 6, 2015

Donut Pub's 50th

This year mark's the good old Donut Pub's 50th anniversary. The celebratory banner says, "Always fresh! Since 1964!" So maybe it's their 51st anniversary?

In any case, for the grand occasion, they've created a special Golden Anniversary doughnut.

The Golden Anniversary doughnut is rather elusive. Rarely made, it may or may not be available when you visit. I've been trying for weeks, and didn't get my Golden Anniversary doughnut until my fifth visit. (In the midst of my slightly obsessive quest, I dreamed about this pastry. In my dream, it was topped with flakes of real gold leaf.)

In reality, the rare delicacy is a regular doughnut glazed in yellow (for the "golden" part) with green stripes (for reasons unknown).

Was it worth the effort? Any visit to the Donut Pub on 14th Street is worth it. Next time, however, I'll stick with my usual honey dipped.

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Gojira said...

Damn, I've been trying to snag one of those suckers for months! Last time I was there the young woman behind the counter told me they were not making them any more, glad to see she was wrong so I can continue my quest.

James said...

When, late last year, I visited my beloved Donut Pub, I guess I was disappointed that the prices had gone up. They had been unusually low. Now they were approaching market (Dunkin) rate. I feared this spelled the eventual demise of the business, as customers would fall off, and prices would spiral up again, until closing. Seems this didn't happen, and I'm delighted that the flavor of actual donuts can continue, along with the feel of a 50-year-old marble counter and boiling hot coffee, laced with half-and-half.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that we can handle good news on this blog. Don't we as New Yorkers come here to be angry and bitch? Can't have donuts anymore but used to love going here. Glad they still exist

Anonymous said...

I've been there many a time. This place is the best- great donuts, coffee & staff. A real gem of old time New York.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think it has the best cup of coffee in the entire town.
Always perfect. Plus the donuts. That blueberry cake one is a champion.

Anonymous said...

Went there for breakfast almost every day for a couple of years, then got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Was wondering why I was feeling such a sugar rush after 2 vanilla frosted donuts... :-D

Anyhow, that was about 15 years ago, but will attest that in my day.... it was an awesome doughnut shop, way better than any chain.

Anonymous said...

As a young rookie cop in nyc covering 14th to South ferry on the 1/9 a stop at the Donut Pub was a must for me. Tuna fish sandwich on toasted white bread with fresh lettuce and a dessert. Service with a smile and even after tip it wasnt expensive.