Monday, April 13, 2015

House of Cards & Curiosities


On 8th Avenue in Greenwich Village since 1994, the House of Cards & Curiosities will be closing for good on May 31.

A small space stuffed with stuff, it's a neighborhood favorite for its selection of greeting cards and, of course, its many curiosities, including Day of the Dead skeletons, odd little toys, and a Wunderkammer filled with taxidermied lizards, bones, and shark teeth. Actress Molly Shannon called the shop "one of those downtown neighborhood places that are so great."

As we know, those great downtown neighborhood places are vanishing fast.

"Was it the rent?" a long-time customer asked.

"It was everything," the cashier replied.

The shop's neighbor, Chocolate Bar, also recently announced its closure, citing rising costs and slow sales, thanks to three years of street construction outside their doors.

The House of Cards is currently having a 30% off everything sale.


Anonymous said...

How sad. This is a special, wonderful place where I have bought many a card or novelty.

These days, whenever I pass by, I think, "Amazing that they're still there -- they've survived."

I guess the day had to come. It's just too colorful, interesting and USEFUL of a place to stay.

jay said...

while all of these closings are a shame, as is the changing landscape. this one hit hard. it had been a favorite for my wife and i the last 12 years...many a birthday and xmas gift were bought here...amongst other items at other times.

Anonymous said...

So who is to blame here? The public fornthe slow sales? The city for allowing endless construction? The rent? This place has thibgs you want but dont need. Is it really worth noting here? If a place opened after Rudy became Mayor arent they evil gentrifiers? Maybe the recent horrible winters are more to blame. This store closed. Oh well. Rich white person problem. Whatever.

Jazz Guy said...

It's sad so many unique businesses are shutting down. However, what would anyone have the city do? Only allow stores to sell buggy whips and kerosene lamps?

The property all of these businesses are located on is privately owned, it's reasonable to expect them to lease to whomever they choose. We don't live in Russia after all.

I can't think of any solution that will fix this trend. Change is inevitable. Still, it's sad to see some of these remarkable businesses go by the wayside. I still miss the record stores.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. A shop with personality. A true jewel. I feel all I can do is add it to the list of places that I loved and are gone or going. It's just too much at a this point.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this news myself yesterday, when walking by the store. After 14 years living in this city, and having to move multiple times because of cost of living, I'm wondering if this is just another one of many signs that New York is truly going downhill, unless you are really wealthy? I don't claim to know, but it's been a growing feeling of mine, and I'm curious what others think. I walked through the west village last night and saw all these beautiful restaurants and people, and I knew I couldn't afford any of it right now...and then on the way to the A train saw the closing signs in the House of Cards' windows. With the most recent MTA subway fare rise, despite an alleged $billion surplus...and now the news of this old store closing (to be fair, I acknowledge it's one of those eccentric "how did they ever last this long" kind of stores...but it seems like of all cities, New York is where a weird store like this one should). Sorry to ramble, but I'd value reading what others' think of this.

Unknown said...

I feel really sad to hear this piece of news. And worser still that the businesses aren't moving, they are just shutting down. The loss of these shops will be greatly felt.