Thursday, April 9, 2015

Small Biz Crawl for 2nd Avenue

This Saturday, starting at 12:00 noon, #SaveNYC is organizing a Small Business Crawl along the stretch of Second Avenue impacted by the recent gas explosion and fire.

photo: Janko Puls

After such a disaster, small businesses struggle to survive. Some don’t make it. Especially the old-timers. Like elderly people, they are often the most vulnerable to upheaval and interruption--and the least resilient.

Already, beloved businesses like The Stage diner and B&H Dairy have lost tens of thousands of dollars--and they still have not been able to reopen. The local businesspeople here need our help. So we're working to bring customers, cash, and attention to those mom-and-pops in most need.

Paul's Da Burger Joint, by Kirsten Theodos

B&H Dairy, by Kirsten Theodos

The Small Biz Crawl starts at Gem Spa (since 1957), on the southwest corner of Second Avenue and St. Mark’s Place. Buy your magazines, cigarettes, and egg creams at this first stop.

From there, head down towards 7th Street. Do some gift shopping at Himalayan Visions (since 1997). Have lunch at the B&H Dairy (since 1937) or Paul’s Da Burger Joint (since 1989). Other small restaurants here include Bar Virage (since 1998), Hot Kitchen, MisoYa, San Loco, and Taqueria Diana. Dine at the spot you most want to save.

(Fingers crossed B&H reopens, at least partially, by Saturday. The Stage will likely still be shuttered, and Moishe's is not open on the Sabbath. #SaveNYC will do our best to return to these businesses with help in the future.)

Bar Virage, by Kirsten Theodos

After lunch, weave your way across the barricades of 7th Street to stock up on groceries at the New Yorkers Foodmarket, and then unwind with an espresso or glass of wine at Café Mocha.

Your dollars go a long way. So does your good will and emotional support. When small businesspeople know they are loved and cared about, they are more likely to fight for survival. Let them know how valuable they are to you, to the East Village, and to the whole city as it drowns under a tsunami of dull chain stores.

We simply cannot afford to lose one more legacy mom-and-pop.

New Yorkers Supermarket, by Kirsten Theodos

Please bring your #SaveNYC sign to let everyone know who you are and why you’re there. Click here to print out signs--and to find out more about #SaveNYC.

Click here to view the Facebook invitation for this event.

Donate to help save the B&H Dairy here.

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laura r. said...

i lived @ 88 second ave between aug '68 to june '70. amazing that B&H & gems spa are still there. i havnt heard of the other places, except stage deli. cant remember if it was there those days.

DenTodd said...

So cool! Thank you J!