Monday, March 16, 2015



Verve has been on Bleecker for about 20 years, long before the street's luxury chain explosion. They are closing in April.

They closed their main shop on the street in 2010, and kept this shoe store going. As the line of luxury has marched ever eastward, businesses on Verve's block have shuttered, including the beloved diner Manatus.

Now Verve's last shop is on its way out.

In just a few years' time, 45 mom-and-pop businesses were wiped out on Bleecker between 10th Street and the western end. (Here's the timeline.)

The wave of lost businesses keeps moving east along the street, as landlords kick out responsible, thriving businesses, and quadruple the rent, all to bring in the next Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, or another luxury shopping mall chain.

There's more to lose. It's not going to stop until we stop it. #SaveNYC.


Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear this. I used to shop in their other store in Chelsea. Hate to say this but I knew it was coming.

JAZ said...

Whatever the closing of St. Vincents didn't kill, Marc Jacobs and the luxury parasites are now finishing off.

Good work everyone!

HotAlexFromTroy said...

we had a verve on 8th and 22nd av until 2008. i really wonder how much there is still to lose. I think not losing should be replaced by retrieving. if not retrieving the city fabric as it was then the collective mindset and legislative frame to allow for what once was to come back.#JaneJacobsDiversityGenerators.

Anonymous said...

For several years now, it's seemed like businesses are closing in the Village. I'm frequently seeing empty shops. What's happening? Has the gay population all moved to Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen?

Scout said...

If you think the luxury explosion started on Bleecker more recently than 20 years ago, then you just weren't going down there earlier.

I saw it starting in 1979 - slowly at first, then steamrolling to a fast tempo by 1983. Verve was (to those of us who have been here longer than some) a gentrified johnny come lately, and nothing to be mourned. I may remember it wrong (it was a long time ago), but in the 70s, I think it was a home-made soap and lotions shop.