Monday, March 2, 2015

Roseland's Remains

Roseland Ballroom closed last spring. It's been getting demolished, to be replaced with a 62-story luxury high-rise.

Here's what it looked like before demolition, from the satellites of Google Earth:

And here's the same aerial view today, via Jon Ford, who took the shot from his office window up above. It's a bird's-eye peek into the long-loved ballroom, busted open and strewn with rubble:

Jon Ford

Roseland opened in 1919 and moved to 52nd Street in 1956. The boat-shaped ballroom had been a skating rink before then.


CherryLimeRickey said...

Ouch, my youth. :(

Sidney said...

This one hurts...

Gojira said...

I went to a concert there years ago and got kicked in the mouth by a flying mosher wearing Doc Marten's; dude knocked my tooth out and I never found it. Wonder if it's in that rubble somewhere?