Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Family Jewels


The Family Jewels, a vintage clothing store on 23rd by 7th Avenue, is closing at the end of April.

Owner Lillyan Peditto has been in business for 34 years in Chelsea. The Family Jewels has moved around a bit, but dates back to 1980.

Lillyan says the closing is due to "a $20,000 a month rent issue." She hopes to find a new location, possibly in the East Village.

"People are so happy we exist," she told Manhattan Sideways in a short video, "because where do you find a little treasure trove like this?"

Now the shop will probably become a T-Mobile.

In the meantime, The Family Jewels is having a big sale and auction.You might even be able to get their leopard-print sofa.



Laura Goggin Photography said...

This is such a wonderful store! When I lived in the area, I shopped there a lot, so I hope they can find a location in the EV where I'd be close to it again. You can find all kinds of unique and colorful pieces in there. My favorite was a mod 60s shift dress in large blocks of purple, orange and yellow. This is a prime example of a small business worth saving.

HotAlexFromTroy said...

noooooo!!!!!!! I bought a suit jacket and some pants from them not even two years ago!

Anonymous said...

Another cell phone store..yeah, that's what we need!

This is one of the last of the last great NYC vintage stores. I'm surprised it held on this long and in that part of town which over the last several years has become a real corporate-boring-ville. I would usually go in there to browse since they had records, but every time I would I could only think that the store's days were numbered.

This is the city we live in. Very sad. It's like unceremoniously dismantling a great work of art that has stood in one place for generations and generations.

Oh well. Whatever!!

Anonymous said...

Great place. What a shame. Luckily, we still have Reminiscence on 5th Avenue and 23rd I believe, nearby.

Anonymous said...

Reminiscence is long gone from 23rd Street.

Anonymous said...

I remember this place located upstairs in a 6th avenue building when the weekend Chelsea flea markets were still worthwhile. And the vintage items this store carried were so much more exciting too!! From various authentic Victoriana to Roaring Twenties attire, the musty smell was intoxicating. At this latest location, I noticed a remarkable decline in variety and a graduation to clothing of later eras which, I suppose, generate more money. So good riddance, I say! At least Reminiscence is one store which has remained consistently crappy in its theme throughout the decades. I remember when Love Saves The Day closed and I'm actually very pleased with its New Hope location because the feeling is the same and even intensified. Sure it's an overpriced tourist trap, but I support this establishment nonetheless for being as I remember it to be. So what I'm saying is this: Due to the rising cost of rent, many of these vintage stores downgraded into '60s / funky '70s junk shops before closure and relocation. I prefer to see this place close because it's lost the feeling and its contents have changed so much. One word: consistency.

Anonymous said...

And last night's comment didn't make it on this post because?? These people obviously don't know what they're talking about because they're not from here. The best of New York vintage shopping or the hunt for items appealing to more esoteric tastes was over and done with by 1997 to be exact. And that's a fact.

Jeremiah Moss said...

What comment? I've been approving everything but spam. Maybe yours looked like spam?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, pal, for clarifying my misunderstanding. :) So you like Spam? Lite, low sodium, turkey alternative, or regular? :/