Monday, December 8, 2014

Gottfried for Cafe Edison

Adding to the growing stack of letters from politicians to the owners of the Hotel Edison, asking them to please extend a lease to Cafe Edison, here's the latest--from New York State Assembly Member Richard Gottfried:

Mr. Gottfried makes the case that the restaurant is an asset to the hotel and the city: "This kind of history is the type of experience tourists seek when they come to New York and what helps keep New York as the cultural center of the United States. It is worthy of protection and preservation."

Thank you Mr. Gottfried!

Previous Letters:
Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
New York State Senator Brad Hoylman
Councilmember Corey Johnson

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JM said...

"This kind of history is the type of experience tourists seek when they come to New York"

Bloomberg never really understood this. Being from out of town, he thought he had to make the city more tourist-focused and less resident-focused, which is why we've lost so much history and character and gained so many chain stores and suburban restaurants.

Oddly, tourists have always come to New York, even before Mikey gutted it. Wonder how in the world that happened....

Anonymous said...

Story on The Edison Cafe and the fight to stop its closure is on NPR news right now!

They say the petition has 9,000 names.
That's not enough!

It's just a click away---let's get to 10 times that.

Anonymous said...

What's really unfortunate is that our Governor has mixed messages where he says we are open for business, has a small business division and what they do nobody knows and yet do you see the governor or his staff, or his economic development agency helping small businesses. NOPE