Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grande Monuments


Grande Monuments has left Williamsburg. They've been in business there since the 1940s or thereabouts.

Joy Garnett posted the following on her Facebook page:

photo: Joy Garnett

The windows are covered over with brown paper. Joy writes: "I noticed this state of affairs last weekend, and today they were working in the space. The little sign says 'Rose Tattoo.' That could be a tat parlor, a bar, or a cinefile library. Hey, there's an idea."


You might recall that this gravestone shop also sold Italian bread. They told WNYC in 2011:

"...what we do is we put the bread in the window here at Grande’s, right next to the Blessed Mother, so the bread is like the mother and the son, and we got the blessing from Father Verrano, it’s not a desecration or anything. He cleared it will all the signoras in the neighborhood. So it’s now about three years in the making and the bread is here by popular demand, and it’s also here because of the notoriety of Grande monuments. Grande monuments has been around for such a long time that when we put the word on the streets that Grande monuments is selling Italian bread, old-fashioned brick-oven bread, 300 people showed up at the door because we service the community with their loved ones."


Yes, gravestones and bread. In one shop. Only in Brooklyn.

Joy recalls: "The first time I bought bread there, a meeting was convening inside--bunch of folks sitting in a semi-circle on grey metal folding chairs. Guy got up mid-sentence to help me choose a loaf. I wanted prosciutto bread but they were sold out. He suggested the rosemary ciabatta."

And it was good.

Jesus and bread prices, 2013

Free Williamsburg noted the closure last month, along with a sign that said the shop is moving to 7803 17th Avenue, 718-782-1800. But--will there be bread?


the G said...

That's very interesting--bread & gravestones. Also interesting, where they're moving to is right near (next to?) the Il Fornaretto Bakery (in Bensonhurst) where they get the bread from.

Anonymous said...

I hope they take the signage with them

the G said...

update: passed by new location yesterday--it's not next door, but maybe a block and a half down from the bakery. Also, signage is almost identical (I think the new storefront is not as wide as the old one).

Anonymous said...

Was the bread baked - or cremated?