Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thrifty/American Beer


Reader Michael Berman of Pizza Centric writes in to let us know that "the Thrifty Beer store in Cobble Hill put up a sign last week that they're closing."

Also known as the American Beer Distributor, Thrifty opened on Court Street in 1947. Run by the Marino family, it has remained current and popular by catering to drinkers of microbrews. Time Out called it "one of Brooklyn's best destinations for beer."

Michael writes, "It's an old-school beer store surrounded by affluence. I do think all kinds of people--certainly the old-school ones--shop there. Fair prices, great selection. They used to have these yellow stickers shaped like beer cans that said 'Beer Makes You Shmart' that they gave away. (Not sure if I spelled Shmart correctly). The site will eventually turn into a new building and become condos, I hear."

Pardon Me For Asking also heard the news from a reader, who says, "I spoke to the owner and he said 'it's time.' he said that he would be open until the end of the year. They own the entire building."

Looks like condos are coming.


Unknown said...

That's my old neighborhood. We lived there 15 years, 1998 - 2013. We got priced out. It's like nothing we knew then will remain.

Anonymous said...

Here's another example where a long-time nyc family owner is selling an established and presumably profitable business - which happens to be in an underdeveloped piece of real estate - for huge profit.

In the context of a "save small business" regulation, what happens now? Should they catch a break because they've owned it for a long time? If so, why should they? Doesn't that make them worse in a way?

I don't know what the answers are here - I hate to see the small businesses leaving, but can't blame the owners for selling out, and as a corollary, blame the new owners for seeking maximum rents.

There are larger forces at work...

Unknown said...

I lived there in 1996-1997 and still remembering getting gifts for people from there.

Anonymous said...

We used to get kegs here for parties back when I lived on Atlantic Ave 2000-2005. Nice folks, tasty beer. If they own the building and are ready to cash in, can't really blame them, it's their building/business. Everyone's wants to call it a day at some point.