Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hoylman for Cafe Edison

Last week, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer wrote a letter to the owner and general manager of the Edison Hotel, asking them to give Cafe Edison a lease. This week, New York State Senator Brad Hoylman gets in the fight with an eloquent and pointed letter of his own.

He makes a plea to Gerald Barad, Richard Hotter, and Shimmie Horn: "I therefore appeal to your sense of fairness and justice and appreciation for preserving the character of our city to meet with the operators of Cafe Edison forthwith and begin negotiations to grant the restaurant a lease."

Thank you Senator Hoylman! Hope you enjoyed that matzo ball soup at this weekend's Lunch Mob to Save Cafe Edison.

Don't forget, if you've missed our last three Lunch Mobs, or just want more, this Thursday night we're having a Dinner Mob to Save Cafe Edison with a great klezmer band. Don't miss it. (Click here for details.)

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, SENATOR! And thank you, Jeremiah!