Friday, November 14, 2014

Cafe Edison Lunch Mobs

Last weekend, we held a Lunch Mob to save Cafe Edison from being kicked out of the Edison Hotel, its home since 1980. Hundreds of people showed up. Since then, the restaurant has continued to be packed with customers. Media coverage continues to roll out. Celebrities are starting to show up to help.

This weekend, we've arranged entertainment for two more Lunch Mobs. Choose one, or go to both. There's always room for more Cafe Edison.

This Saturday at 12:00 noon, magicians from the Magic Table will roam the coffee shop performing hocus pocus, small miracles, and sleight of hand over bowls of matzo ball soup. The Magic Table, a tradition that dates back to World War II, has been meeting at Cafe Edison since 1986. For more info, please view the Facebook invite here.

This Sunday at 12:30, the Bergen County Players, just off a run of Neil Simon’s “45 Seconds from Broadway,” will be performing key scenes from the play, including a rousing speech about the Café Edison that proclaims: “And when dis place is gone, the entire Broadway will slide into the East River!” For more info, please view the Facebook invite here.

As before, please bring signs to let the hotel and its tourists know why you're there. And, remember, this is not a funeral, this is a fight. It's a fight for Cafe Edison, and it's a fight for authentic New York, for small businesses, the places we love that are getting wiped out at record speed and with no protection from the city. It's time to stand up and demand a change.

photo: Tim Schreier

If you want to get in on the plans to stop Cafe Edison from getting the boot, please join the Save Cafe Edison facebook group. And be sure to sign the petition.


ShatteredMonocle said...

This seems like a very opportune time for Mayor de Blasio to grow pair of balls, perhaps wake up on time, and address this and related problems in some substantive manner.

DrBOP said...

Oooh.....oooh.....SM. you have inadvertently given the campaign at least a secondary slogan =


....chants pretty guuude.

Anonymous said...

The solution to stopping the closing of Café Edison and all businesses in NYC is easy.
Just give the tenants rights to renewal their leases and rights equal to the landlords to negotiate fair lease terms that will allow them a reasonable profit. The bill , Small Business Jobs Survival Act does this but has been bottled up in committee without a vote for over 4 years. The only solution to save our small businesses is the political will of our elected officials. Until now the influence of the real estate lobby and their huge campaign contributions has kept the majority of our elected officials silent
on this bill and silent on any solution to regulate the landlords and give rights to the tenants.
If the community wants to end this crisis for Café Edison and all other small businesses they
must turn their focus to our elected officials not to the landlords. Demand to know
why they are silent on this crisis , demand to know why they will not support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act , demand to know why they have not put up another solution to save our businesses.
Demand democracy.