Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Globe Slicers

As the Bowery continues its radical shift from Skid Row, restaurant supply, and lamps to stratospheric luxury, I am always relieved to walk by and see Globe Slicers still in business.

It's been in business since 1947.

Chances are, unless you run a deli, you're never going to need a slicer. But the place is worth a peek, if only for its windows.

They are cluttered with a collection of random items--baseball photos, transistor radios, dolls, books that warn of "Genocide Emergency TODAY."

There's a large and eerie doll dressed in a pith helmet and what looks like a Boy Scout uniform, a button pinned to its arm that says STOP IRAN.

The interior of the shop is equally fascinating, a cacophony of slicers, boxes, papers, the detritus of 67 years, and a slice (sorry) of the old Bowery, before everything was sleek and clean, sterilized for the comfort of newcomers.


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Globe Slicers is one of my first memories of the Bowery. I walked past here every day on my way to work and the guys out front always had a cheery hello for me. That was often the highlight of my day.

Romy Ashby said...

I lived right there in the mid 80s. I remember telling my old dad that I found a room to rent, and that it was on the Bowery. My dad said, "Ah, gee Honey, that's tough. But you'll land on your feet eventually." It was close to CBGBs, and sometimes the little streets nearby smelled like bread baking in the evening.

Dave - everywhere said...

Thanks, Jeremiah. Although I'm not in the market for any slicing equipment, I'm going to stop by and inquire as to the cost of the poster of Ted Williams in their window. Now that's a guy who knows how to hit!