Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hair Box Barber Shop


On Spring Street in SoHo, the Hair Box barber shop has closed.

Signs in the window say: "This has been a barber shop for over 100 years and we are sad to see it go," followed by a frowny face emoticon.

Gone are the crazy Styrofoam heads from the window.

Gothamist called Hair Box "The Best Place for a Shave" in 2006, and The New York Times profiled the place in 2010:

"Many businesses in SoHo have come and gone, but 203 Spring Street has housed a barbershop, through several identities and owners, for over 100 years. It has been the Hair Box since 2001, but two of the shop’s three barbers began working there long before that, including Rocco Milano, 79, who had cut hair there for nearly 40 years before having a stroke in September. (He plans to return once he feels up to it.)

Lingering like the combs submerged in dark blue Barbicide is a cast of neighborhood old-timers who sit inside, watching the weather forecast, or outside in lawn chairs chained to a post, surveying the passing shoppers as if guarding the last section of the old neighborhood."

For now, barbers Irina and Aida will be at Anonymous Hair Salon, over on Sullivan Street. "No worries," they say on their sign, "same price! ;)"

No word about why it closed, but one reader was told "high rent." The owner of the Tasti-D-Lite next door said he will be expanding into the Hair Box space. Goodbye 100-year-old barber shop, hello frozen yogurt.


SK said...

Tasti-D-Lite is a New York original though. Been there since the late 80s. At least it's not a TCBY.

laura r. said...

another froyo how delite-ful. dont care if its some tacky place since the 80s, its disgusting. how much fxxking yogart w/sugar crap can people eat. oh, never mind. yogart drugstore yogart drug store yogart cellphone bank. repeat. soho so what?

Anonymous said...

Laura - it's 'YogUrt,' with a fucking U. Learn to spell.
…and please stop commenting on every fucking post like you know what's going down in NY when you clearly don't. You're a tiresome bore.

Anonymous said...

care to elaborate on that anon 956p? laura sounds dead on to me and i share her angar..

Anonymous said...

Rocco = the best. Love to him and the old timers

Anonymous said...

My friend has been going to this barbershop for 35 years. He went yesterday and was startled to see it closed. But…he DID go around the corner to Sullivan St and his barber was indeed there and he got his haircut. Lets hope that the new place is able to remain in business for awhile. Whats next? The M&O Grocery on Prince turning into a 7-11?

Anonymous said...

John Gotti got his hair cut there.

Anonymous said...

No problem, 11:04. Follow the blog long enough and you'll see the same inane posts over and over from this person. (…and of course, we all hate the proliferation of sh*t chains like yogurt shops).

Pat Winters said...

I owned the HairBox n was sad to see it go .It was a combo of High Rent n God Love we Deliver construction that blocked the street off several times a day. If u can't walk in than we could not stay open to pay the bills.Constuction is still going on to this day Toooo Bad :( yes those were my Crazy Heads in the window that people seemed to love :))