Wednesday, August 27, 2014

City Opera Thrift

A typed letter in the window of the City Opera Thrift shop says they're working to negotiate a new lease with the landlord. They were sold after the opera was forced to declare bankruptcy. (This after Mayor Bloomberg told the beloved institution to drop dead.)

But even with that big, ominous "Retail for Lease" sign across the front, all is not lost.

I hear that the sign is just a formality and that the negotiations are going well, that the landlord is being patient, until the thrift shop is adopted by another organization, possibly another opera.

Nothing here should change and that's a relief. It's a wonderful thrift shop. The architecture of the interior alone makes it worth a visit, with its second-story gallery and its leaded windows in the back.

The book selection is suprisingly well curated, unlike in most thrift stores where all you find are mass-market detective novels and self-help books. City Opera Thrift knows their books, and they have a very contemporary selection of fiction.

It's also a great spot for people watching.


stacey said...

Hello there! Thanks so much for this. I grew up in NYC and had not been back in 21 years when we visited this august. The city opera thrift store was delightful!!! I made one of my very few purchases there.

stacey said...

Thanks so much! Visited in August after 20 years away. Grew up there in 1970s. My favorite store when we visited. This may be a duplicate entry...non cooperative keyboard...

Pat said...

Housing Works on East 23rd Street has a sign on their door that they are accepting donations up to May 28th and closing after that, but the other Housing Works branches will remain open. One of the store clerks told me it was mostly the rent that brought this on. There are rumors that NYU wants the space. The huge NYU dorm is on the corner of 23rd Street & 3rd Avenue and the Duane Reade store right next to Housing Works closed and is vacant now.