Monday, August 25, 2014

At Donohue's

For my piece in this week's Metro NY, a visit to Dononue's Steak House on Lexington near 64th.’s the people who really take you back to an older New York, before restaurant chatter was about nothing but money, work, and the latest technological toy—before people became so boring.

At lunchtime, around the bar at Donohue’s, you’ll find the real New Yorkers. The scientist sipping a Manhattan knows everything about everything. The older lady quaffing white wine sounds exactly like Maureen O’Sullivan, with a slight slur that makes her only more elegant. The bartender, with his German accent, referees the conversation with jokes.

In a discussion that bounces from George Orwell to life in India, a newspaper headline shifts the talk to Robin Williams. Comedians really are unhappy people, the group decides.

“It’s the old Pagliacci thing,” says the scientist. “The weeping clown. It’s the misery behind the laughter.”

Jerry Lewis? Miserable. Lenny Bruce? Wretched. Milton Berle? He might have been okay, but Lucille Ball was decidedly unpleasant. They move on to other celebrities with difficult personalities. “Hey,” says the bartender, readying a joke, “you know what Sinatra said when he introduced Mia Farrow to his mother? He said, ‘Mama, Mia.’ You see? Mama Mia!” ...

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9:29 a.m. said...

No, no, no. Now the foodies and the authentrificators will discover this and replace that window with a cupcake ATM.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

Are all old people characters? And to be the first to ring in, even the venerable CMS cites lady as a sexist and classist term. (ps: Don't mind me; I have a horrid toothache.)

Anonymous said...

Yes old alkies spending their 'hard earned' pension or social security is charming. Bet they complain about their rent control and.meds too. Good to know I'm paying for this. Sad and pathetic.

M.St.Bks said...

Re.: the anonymous comment of August 27.

Sounds like one of the frat-boys--and maybe he is. Thinks:


Person who lives for anything other than money=loser.

Developer who comes in, destroys a community and moves on=VERY smart.

Oh well. Maybe someone someday will sit on his stomach and read him Max Weber, until he starts to wonder if there is more than one thing to life.