Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rawhide & Folsom East

After being forced to close in March 2013, after 34 years in business, the Rawhide bar was set to become a California pizza chain. That didn't happen and the space remains empty to this day.

Recently, one of the front shutters was opened. I peeked inside. It isn't pretty.

Meanwhile, Folsom Street East was a success this past Sunday, moved to West 27th Street after being pushed off its long-time home of West 28th by: condo owners, the community board, the High Line, more rising condos.

Kinksters and queers came out in their full leather and latex regalia, the street was packed, and the music was fierce (Michael Tee and the Vanities are a must-see). The fair felt a bit tame, however, compared to years past. It was more easy-going somehow, and less dirty, less edgy, with what seemed like fewer flogging and spanking demonstrations and, regrettably, no ass-pie eating contest. Unless I somehow missed it. It also seemed shorter than in years past.

I wonder if these were concessions to the neighbors, all those luxury condos and hotels that just moved in about a minute ago.

A Jesus freak stood again among the gawking tourists on the High Line, holding up his "SIN" sign, and glossy blondes moved through the fair to get to their booze brunch at one of the luxe hotels on the block. But otherwise, the fair went unmolested, and remained on its best behavior.

Hopefully, the new neighbors won't be offended and will permit Folsom back in the future.

Inside the Rawhide
Rawhide Goodbye
Rawhide Gets Chained
Rawhide: Still Empty

Folsom Vanished
Folsom East and the Eagle
Folsom Under High Line
Eagle Under Siege


JAZ said...

There was no need for Folsom East to have ass pies; Chelsea now supplies way more than their fair share.

Mark said...

Yes, the pie eating contest was not was a part of the agreement to allow the fair.

This scene has changed drastically. Many of the participants are no longer hard core leather or S/M fans. Like everything else, it's all been reduced to fashion.

Don't get me wrong...the fair was a blast and it was a great and friendly crowd.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Really? "No ass-pie eating" was part of the negotiation? I would have loved to be at that meeting and hear what the condo people had to say.

Anonymous said...

Here again, I have to wonder: if all these people were wearing santa hats and eating ass frozen yogurt instead whether the review would be so glowing...

Anonymous said...

Man, the worst part of all the closings -- is when they stay empty after being forced out. It makes me so fucking angry.
The Rawhide HAD to be pushed out, and yet wheres the new renter?
Joe's Mozzarella HAD to be out, still empty.
I could go on.
And I know it's not a new thing, stores stay empty all the time throughout the ages here.
But it's these venerable, historical joints that HAVE to leave only to sit and gather dust.
THAT is some truly depressing shit.
You should count how many there are. Or maybe not. That'd be a really sad project.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you exactly what they said: "We moved to NYC because we just looovvvedddd the diversity but this is a bit much - think about the children!"...after the meeting they went back to their condos (all directed from floor to ceiling in "NYC" decorations) and watched TV shows just as "bad" as anything going outside..typical.

Unknown said...

This year was more fashion. Still enjoyed it.

"Dogblog" said...

New York is one step away from Walmart
Do I need to explain homogenization?
All these lame people are suburban nutters

mch said...

From this old straight lady in New England, who does worry about the children. (I want them to learn to say their please-and-thank-you's; I worry, too, that they'll be miserable in straight-jackets.) I like the way these pics and people are happy in their lovely bodies. It will all work out in the end. Just be kind, be kind (as Henry James said).

Martin said...

I miss The Rawhide....

LOL@ "Really? "No ass-pie eating" was part of the negotiation? I would have loved to be at that meeting and hear what the condo people had to say."

Me too!

Anonymous said...

I am totally disgusted by the pic of the guy with the cigar. Otherwise, so what? Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

As someone close to the Folsom St East Board, I can tell you that FSE was not forced from 28th St. The FSE Board made a deliberate decision to move because of all the residential buildings going up on 28th. The Community Board enthusiastically supported FSE's return, but did stipulate no ass pie-eating contest. That was the big issue. And the event was the same duration as prior years; only starting and ending earlier in the day, per a Community Board rule covering all street fairs in the district, to facilitate a street to be opened to traffic by early evening. As for the makeup of the crowd, it's always been a mix of hardcore kinksters, Chelsea muscle types, and younger guys into a variety of gear fetishes and fashions.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Thanks Anon for the info. Why was ass-pie such an issue?

And, as we know, the condo owners on 28th did their part to get FSE off the block, with petitions, etc.

Anonymous said...

Re ass pie-eating: While I don't know for certain because I wasn't there, I'm told some people at the CB meeting objected to the committee's sanctioning butt-eating on the street, even with all the contestants being pornstars consuming a mess of whipped cream and custard. Silly prudes felt it went beyond what they considered "tasteful" activity at a city-approved event.