Friday, June 27, 2014

Lucky Cheng's


Word has come in that Lucky Cheng's is closing for good. An employee confirms that their last show will be tomorrow night.

Calls to the club go unanswered, but the employee, who asks to remain anonymous, cites the reason for the closure: "Ridiculously high rent + decline in business = demise."

UPDATE: Gothamist and NY1 have both since verified this news of closure with the club. At the same time, a Facebook commenter writes that he went to a show and "Staff adamantly denies this 'internet rumor' and insists new management is taking over." Another commenter walked by and talked to a couple of the queens. They said, "They are closing then re-opening under a different name in the same location."'s anybody's guess.

For two decades, Lucky Cheng's brought drag queen action to the East Village, attracting queers and art scenesters, then tourists, Sex and the City, and eventually hordes of shrieking bachelorettes. Still, it remained a surviving piece of the old-school, ramshackle, offbeat East Village.

In 2012, the legendary club moved from its long-time, historic home for bigger, flashier digs on West 52nd Street near Times Square. Then Cheng's beloved owner, Hayne Suthon, passed away earlier this month after a long battle with cancer. Her memorial at the club was only days ago.

Steve Lewis wrote in Hayne's BlackBook obituary, "I don’t know what happens now to Lucky Cheng’s. The vultures will see an opportunity to buy low and so it just may go. They’ll pick at the bones of her dreams. It’s hard to imagine it without Hayne, without that twinkle in her eye."


divaraven said...

I still can't wrap my brain around why it ever moved. And specifically WHERE it moved. Hayne owned the building downtown I believe. But yes without her and in the new neighborhood it really never had a chance. I performed at the original Cheng's back in the late '90s. So many fond memories. Oh if I only still had the wigs.

Anonymous said...

Since moving to Brooklyn a few years ago after living in Manhattan for over 20 years, I rarely return except to go to work and leave as fast as I can. There is nothing left there that interests me anymore. Those who still go on and on about how great NYC is are the same people excited by the newest yogurt shop, Dairy Queen or 7 Eleven. I'm glad I moved away and am actively looking for where to move when Brooklyn loses it's battle with this greed monster. RIP NYC. You were great while you lasted.

Anonymous said...

This is not accurate. Lucky Cheng's is not closed, nor do they have immediate plans to close.I'm not sure what employee you spoke to to "verify" this, but it certainly wasn't someone qualified to be considered a reliable source.