Monday, June 2, 2014

Joe's Mozzarella

When Joe's Dairy shuttered last year, New Yorkers wept. Lines snaked around the corner for a last taste of the fresh mozzarella. Television news crews did interviews, filmmakers made documentaries, and Calvin Trillin penned a eulogy in The New Yorker. (Unfortunately, he did not get word of the closure, showed up to a shuttered Joe's, and never got a final taste.)

Though Joe's closed their doors to customers, they have kept making mozzarella, selling it wholesale to restaurants around town. However, as I recently discovered, they also supply the cheese to one other place--right around the corner.

The M&O Market & Deli, at Thompson and Prince, carries the precious item in their deli case. You can walk right in and order it. You can have it in a sandwich. You can buy it whole. You can even get it delivered.

Just like at Joe's, it comes in fresh and smoked.

The M&O deli is the only place where you can get Joe's mozzarella as a retail customer. The experience isn't exactly the same, but it's good. Sinatra plays on the radio. You choose your bread from the bread cabinet. They'll even press your sandwich, making it warm.

I opted for a ball of the smoked stuff, and also had the fresh mozzarella in a sandwich, with tomatoes, which I then ate in front of Joe's darkened Dairy. Just because.

Someone, please, tell Mr. Trillin.

Joe's Dairy Vanishing
Joe's Dairy Vanished


SoHo Knows said...

"Just like at Joe's, it comes in fresh and smoked."
Alas, one thing is missing.

Now that it is made in a factory in Jersey and not in the back of the shop on Sullivan Street, it is no longer hand-pulled, according to a former worker at Joe's. That means, it is probably done my machines.

Not the end of the world, but doesn't that subtly take away a lot of its former panache?

Anonymous said...

Bought this mozzarella at M&O and you know, it didn't taste like the old original stuff. But I thought it was just me. Have to check out this rumor a little more.

It was still a nice neighborhood experience to buy it there and we should all try to shop this place.

When Milady's closed, they left a note about Joe's and also M&O's and asked us to shop at what's left. It was a really nice note to leave. So I went across the street and bought some cheese.

Don't forget Raffetto's---gotta keep getting fresh pasta there--the best in NYC.

rainer. sue n kim said...

russo s on 11th st n 1st ave {11th st between 1st n 2nd {just off 1st ave {makes amazing mozz n smoked mozz {we have been going there for years n years {we will miss joes!!!! {stop by russo {you will not be disappointed !!!!!

SoHo Knows said...

"Don't forget Raffetto's"

And don't forget nearby on MacDougal, "Something Special", the delightful mom&pop notary and mailbox store, with all the local celebrity pictures on the wall and odd gee-gaws for sale, and the one-of-a-kind charming owner, Lenny Cecere. (Mom, Lucy Cecere, died a couple of years ago. She helped found the Caring Community, and had all the local politicians at her beck and call.)

Hang out and get a real flavor of the neighborhood, or what's left of it.